For over ten years we have been helping our clients re-invent themselves and tell their stories in a compelling, interesting
and ultimately persuasive fashion.

It's been a pleasure to form long term partnerships with companies ... but most importantly trusted friendships with the people
who comprise those businesses, working together to achieve common goals.

That journey has seen us design, stage and direct a diverse range of events such as annual general meetings, initial public
offerings, investor relations, global roadshows, keynote presentations, staff communications, training and conferences,

Communication material has taken the form of presentations, interactives for both computer and tablets, print, web design,
digital video, webcasts & podcasts


In 2014 we are pleased to announce the formation of two new brands.

iReport is an integrated approach to your business communications geared around your investor relations calendar covering staging and delivery of annual meetings, Half & Full Year Results, Investor Roadshows and more. Click here to visit iReport

Streamit offers webcasting and events with Integrated video, audio, slides and live event staging for webcasts, conference calls, analyst briefings and staff communications. Click here to visit Streamit